inspired by the every day beauty

designed to add that timeless luxurious sparkle to your styling looks

creating gorgeous every & any day looks
for every mood & occasion
hurwear started from appreciating and being inspired by the every day beauty and their beautiful qualities
from noticing how there is a radiance someone has with that little touch of a gorgeous piece of jewelry or hair accessory that complements and enhances their look
wanting to be a part of creating and expressing that radiance, the design process starts from recognizing and adoring the beautiful qualities of the people around us ⏤ the boldness, sensitivity, wonder, honesty, grace, vulnerability, etc.
these qualities have inspired and continue to inspire the hurwear timeless, effortless, comfortable and golden pieces of jewelry and stunning fabric hair scrunchies

hurwear is designed to be

timeless · effortless ・ comfortable · gorgeous

hurwear is designed to express your sparkle and glow by being a part of any look that you create
getting ready to ⏤
take on the day of work, errands or studies
a stunning vacay day of new experiences with delish food and drinks
a fun evening out on a solo date or with a cutie
a laugh fest evening with the most supportive and hilarious friends
a day or night in of that much needed me time and self-care with face masking or streaming binge session or sleep
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